Jamal Johnson: Top Real Estate Agent in SD as Recognized by SDAR Circle of Excellence

March 23, 2024

In the realm of San Diego real estate, Jamal Johnson has distinguished himself not only as an expert in off-market properties but also as a gold-status recipient from the San Diego Association of Realtors (SDAR) Circle of Excellence. This prestigious acknowledgment highlights his exceptional achievements and steadfast dedication to his clients.

What is The SDAR Circle of Excellence?

The SDAR Circle of Excellence is an annual event that celebrates the highest achievers in the real estate market of San Diego. Being awarded the Recognition of Excellence is a significant honor, indicating a realtor's success, professionalism, and contribution to the San Diego real estate community.

Being recognized as a Gold member by the SDAR Circle of Excellence is a prestigious honor that highlights a team's outstanding performance in the San Diego real estate market. This level of recognition is awarded to teams that demonstrate a high volume of sales, showcasing their commitment to excellence and their significant impact on the real estate industry. Achieving Gold status is a testament to a team's expertise, dedication, and the superior service they provide to their clients, setting them apart as leaders in their field.

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SDAR Circle Of Excellence Gold Status

The Gold status is not merely a title; it embodies a rigorous standard of success. For an individual, it signifies achieving $25-50 million in sales or closing 25 units in a year. But for a team like Jamal's, that number skyrockets to between $50 to $99M in sales or closing 70-149 units in a year.

What Makes Jamal Johnson Stand Out In San Diego's Real Estate Market?

Not everyone gets awarded as a Gold Member of SDAR's Circle of Excellence, here are some of the factors that contribute to Jamal's Team's success.

Off-Market Properties

Johnson's specialization in off-market properties in SD gives his clients a significant advantage. It allows them to access exclusive listings away from the competitive market, ensuring privacy and efficiency in their transactions.

By having a strong off-market presence, Jamal is able to not only get his client's what they want, but to do so without having to enter into "bidding wars" with other potential clients, as his properties are able to skip this process altogether.

Networking: The Key to Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Jamal's extensive network across San Diego is invaluable. Whether it's connecting clients with the perfect off-market listing or the best local contractors, his connections ensure every need is met with the highest standard of service.

If Jamal doesn't know the direct person to contact for a specific request, then he for sure knows someone who does. All this means that he can satisfy any requirement, need or want from any client. This is not only showcased by his ample amount of testimonials in Yelp and Google Reviews, but also by the sheer amount of units he is able to close year over year, totaling over 100 in his career.

Negotiation Skills: The "Black Shark"

Renowned for his negotiation prowess, Jamal Johnson has earned the nickname "black shark." His ability to secure favorable deals is praised by clients, underscoring his role as the top choice for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of the real estate market in SD.

A Team of the Best in Business

What further distinguishes Jamal is his collaboration with top-tier professionals, from title agencies to home inspectors. This ensures every transaction is seamless and of the highest quality, enhancing the overall service provided to clients.

For those looking to buy, sell, or find off-market properties in San Diego, Jamal Johnson offers unmatched expertise, connections, and results, all underlined by his recognition from the SDAR Circle of Excellence.

Contact Jamal today by sending him a message here or call him at +1 (619) 852-4244